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Light Channels

Meditation, Health, Consiousness

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Light Channels

Meditation, Health, Consiousness

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Special Offer

The Light Channels Course is now on sale for $875. Additional Colorpuncture Courses Levels 1 and 2 FREE as a gift.   Read more »

How it works

The Light Channels are a series of light and color treatments designed to harmonize the body and mind, and open a channel of understanding for the new. Read more »


Drawing on his 30 years experience with color and light body/mind treatments, Kirlian Photography, and active meditations from Osho, Jamie has created a process to go deeper into the essence of self acceptance and consciousness. Read more »

Kirlian Photography

is used to read the energy flow in the meridians of the body for the sessions and the 5-Day Meditation Retreat. Read more »

Life Keys & Meditation

The Life Keys are selected teachings from the spiritual teachers Osho, Eckhart Tolle, and Mingyur Rinpoche. Read more »

Meditation Retreat

A five Day Meditation Immersion with active meditations, traditional mantra singing, Kirlian Photo, Light Channels Treatments, feedback and sharing. Read more »


Email or phone us to get more info, book an individual session in Light Channels or Colorpuncture, or book the 5-Day Retreat. Go »

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The Light Channels Retreat

Jamie St ClairFrom the Creator

The Light Channels is a whole new unique process for deepening your understanding of who you are and how you express yourself in life. It’s not about improving yourself to “get more out of life.” It’s about understanding you carrying what you’re looking for inside. In the form of individual sessions or the Light Channels Meditation Retreat. Details ยป

Experience Light Channels

Light Channels sessions

Light Channels Sessions

Individual Sessions with the new Light Channels Treatments along with Life Keys transmission are available.

Light Channels Retreat

5 Day Meditation Retreat

The next Light Channels Retreat of 5 Days in Bio-Hotel Parin, including daily treatments is 8-13 November 2020.

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Colorpuncture Sessions

Colorpuncture sessions including Transmitter Relays Series are available.

Light Channels Practitioner

Become a Practitioner

Learn how to give the Light Channels Treatments and meditation program.


Leave a message with your phone number, and receive a call back usually within 3 hours.
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Email for more information or to book indvidual sessions or the Retreat.

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