“Osho Rajneesh is the greatest incarnation since Gautam Buddha in India. He is a living Buddha.”
~ Lahma Karmapa, head of Tibetan Buddhism — April 1988


Osho Classics is a used bookstore selling Osho books in the old style, the style Osho himself wanted the books to have. Plenty of pictures of the people, the commune, and HIM. The center of it all, the enlightened presence that still radiates from these pages, these words and pictures, radiates something indescribable, delicious, and challenging. These books challenge us to become our highest potential, and the challenge comes from pure love. See for yourself, get a book, and read it. Aber Vorsicht, as the Germans say. Careful, you may not be the same person by the end of that book as you were when you started. No kidding.


Buy or Borrow

You’ll notice in the main menu above, under “Products” in the list of categories of books, there is one named, “Buy or Borrow.” The books in this category you can either purchase or borrow. In order to borrow one of these books, you simply choose that option in the drop down menu on the individual book page, and press “add to cart.” 
Then upon checking out you will pay a DEPOSIT to the bookstore of €25. That deposit will enable you to borrow the book without buying it – we pay the shipping to you!

You can borrow the books for up to 3 months. At the end of 3 months you will need to return the book and then you can either borrow another book, or get your deposit back. It’s a trust system. We trust you to return the book when you’re done. You trust us to return your deposit. 

Or just buy the book of interest and start your own library! We hope you enjoy these books as much as we do. They are really special. 

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