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Welcome to the Colorpuncture Home-learning Courses page. These two Colorpuncture Courses are originally from the Colorpoint Institute, Boulder, CO. 
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Colorpuncture Course Level 1

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About the author: James St Clair
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The Course Level 1 is 57 pages, and is a two week entry level home learning course into the Colorpuncture method. It includes Colorpuncture treatments, meditations, and tuning in methods. This course contains an in depth introduction to Colorpuncture and how to use the various Esogetics tools to administer the treatments. All treatments are from Peter Mandel. It also comes with a DVD tutorial on use and care of the P117 Lightset. The Course Level 1 was developed at the Colorpoint Institute in 2004 and was used successfully to train practitioners up to 2016. Note: you will need a lightset, either from Peter Mandel like the P117 lightset, or from Molimed to administer these treatments.

This is not sold currently as a home learning course, as there is no certificate available for completion. The knowledge in the courses is sold as is, with no guarantees.
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Course Level 1 Slideshow

Level 1: How it works

“This method of Colorpuncture combined with meditation, active release methods, and trance healing methods is the culmination of many healers collecting research into the body/mind organism. This Course was developed at Colorpoint Institute. The design was to make sure the full benefits of the treatments can be used by everyone. The treatments and input of the color and light will often move energy which needs conscious acknowledgment and release. That’s where the active meditations and therapeutic methods in the Colopoint courses come in. The Course is sold in it’s original form. The Light Channels series of treatments is now the focus of the Light Channels Institute, and there is no more customer support for the original Colorpuncture courses.

Level 1 Treatments

  • Endocrine treatment (hormonal balancing)
  • Lymphatic (detox) treatments
  • Pain reduction treatments
  • Acid Stomach
  • Brain coordination energetic balancing treatments
  • Sinus and cold symptom relief treatment
  • Pressure points for pain
  • Segment Massage areas for diagnosis and treatment

Level 1 Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Meanings and Effects of Colors, Converter points for knee pain
  • Chapter 2: Pain Treatments, psychosomatics of pain
  • Chapter 3: Dream Zones; Tracking your task/potential in this life
  • Chapter 4: Understanding Pain and Colorpuncture treatments
  • Chapter 5: Immune System and Color; Use and troubleshooting with P117 light set; Cold treatment, Toxic treatments
  • Chapter 6: Kirlian Photography, Endocrine System; Endocrine 3 point treatments, Kirlian Finger pad treatments
  • Chapter 7: Segment Massage; Treating the organs reflexively; segment diagnosis
  • Chapter 8; Understanding energetics of pain.

Level 1 Additional Treatments

  • Acid Stomach Treatment
  • Back Treatment
  • Coordination 1 (endocrine)
  • Coordination 6 (endocrine)
  • Endocrine Treatment (full endocrine)
  • Toxic (full toxic treatment)
  • Middle Turbulence
  • Lymph Flow

Course Level 2

Colorpuncture Course Level 2

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About the author: James St Clair

70 pages, 77 illustrations, 32 treatments, 1 Audio Learning CD. Deeper into the Colorpoint Method. Course Level 2 provides a more in depth comprehension of how the Colorpuncture system works, as well as explains the indications of when to use the treatments, and possible Colorpuncture treatment combinations. Level 2 introduces use of the Soul Spirit Colors, and their treatments. (Soul Spirit Color set can be purchased separately here). It also contains specific instructions on how to incorporate Tuning In into your session, how to determine when active meditation methods are needed, and detailed instruction in Energetic Release. Instructions, graphic illustrations and examples, as well as the Tutorial DVD provide the neccessary guidelines for useage.

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Level 2: How it Works

The Colorpoint Approach
is based on the Colorpuncture system including exact color treatments from Peter Mandel, and focuses on how and when to use the treatments, what they address, and how the color treatments function in both the body and mind. As in all the Colorpoint Courses, you don’t just get the treatments, you get how to tune into yourself and/or clients to know indications, and effects both physical and emotional. The Course also goes deeper into learning to understand the body’s ways of communicating, and integrating the wisdom of the body in your daily life, providing a solid basis for health and balance. Recommended for professionals, this course is a powerful tool for learning and teaching health and body awareness.

Level 2 Contents

  • Chapter 1; The Colorpoint Approach
    Three Colorpoint Components, the Body’s Input in Life Lessons
  • Chapter 2; Holistic Accessing
    All Levels of Feeling / Cognition
  • Chapter 3; The Three Point Treatments (pages 17-40)
  • Chapter 4; The Function Circles
  • Chapter 5; Soul / Spirit Colors
    Body/Mind Interface
  • Chapter 6; Function Circles and The Bones
    Life Lessons in the Session Environment
  • Chapter 7; Tuning In, Active Release

Level 2 Treatments

Body Colors:

* 13 Detox and anti inflammation, anti cramping, three point treatments in body colors
* Three point tx for EYES (1), EARS (1)
* Coordination Tx for balancing emotions (endocrine system)
* 4 three point tx for endocrine system centered issues

Introducing the Soul Spirit Colors from Peter Mandel. The nature of these colors is they go more into the psychosomatic interface between the intellect/emotions and the body.

Three point Soul/Spirit Colors treatments in this Course:
* Feelings/ Sensing
* Series of 3 Tx: Perception / Feelings / Flowing combination, for addressing stuck or blocked physical or emotional issues.
* Higher Self / Consciousness: addressing issues coming from block in communication between higher self and consciousness.
* Hormones / Emotions: for addressing issues stemming from the negative feedback between hormonal system and emotional blocks.

FUNCTION CIRCLES: Life Lessons in the Body
The Function Circles Treatments go to the next level of body/mind healing. These treatments are dealing with the organ systems which the Chinese have grouped together,

* Kidney / Bladder
* Liver / Gall Bladder
* Lungs / Large Intestines
* Stomach / Spleen / Pancreas
* Heart / Small Intestines (Note there are no treatments here for the Heart function Circle, treatment focus is given to the first four circles.)

One treatment for each of the first four Function Circles is taught. What the Level II, part I workbook along with the Audio CD will strive to impart is the use of the Function Circles Treatments within the Colorpoint Approach, focusing on the body and mind connection, and how to incorporate the non physical information in the treatments in the healing process, as well as use the physical properties of the treatments to address symptoms and acute problems.

In Colorpuncture there are several levels of the Function Circle treatments. The level taught here in the first level, known also as the Function Circle Preparation Treatments or Level 1. Don’t let the word “Preparation” in the title fool you, however. They are very strong treatments because they are activating the organism on both the physical and emotional levels very directly, initiating a context in which life lessons can be examined.

* Special section on BONES, the Function Circles, and Sessions, and Session Practices
* Covering the Bones, one beginning treatment and one advanced treatment for musculo-skeletal issues, arthritis, inflammations, etc in the bones. And further information on the Function Circles and incorporating the Life Lessons contained in the Function Circles teaching in session work. In particular tying together the three legs of the Colorpoint Method of Colorpuncture, Active Release, and Trance Healing in session practice.

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James St Clair and Colorpoint Institute

James St Clair

These courses represent the therapeutic method called the Colorpoint Approach. This was taught at the Colorpoint Institute, Boulder, CO between 1999 — 2015.  James St Clair, the author of these courses, was director of the Colorpoint Institute, and was part of a team that learned privately from Peter Mandel in seminars in various countries over the period of 1990—1995. This team worked with Mandel together to develop a synthesis of bodywork and meditative therapy approaches including Colorpuncture, counseling, Craniosacral therapy, hypnosis, past life therapy, and the Active Meditations from Osho.

Colorpoint’s purpose is to make available the understanding and methods of international therapists, teachers, and processes which facilitate personal growth and health, both physical and mental. Some of the research that is influential in the Colorpoint Approach is from:

  • Arthur Janov
  • Osho
  • Milton Erickson
  • Sarita Newman
  • John Upledger
  • Dr. James Oschman
  • The Heart Math Institute
  • and of course Peter Mandel.

It should be clear that while much research has been combined in the Colorpoint Approach, the colorpuncture treatments themselves are exactly as taught by Peter Mandel. 

James St Clair spent 5 years full time researching the effects of Colorpuncture, hypnosis, past life therapy, and Osho’s Active Meditations on himself and also on hundreds of clients. The home learning Colorpuncture courses are a result of this work. Colorpuncture is a method which can uncover the roots of dis-ease and pain. Often when that happens, emotions and unconscious energies are stimulated. The Colorpoint Method includes specific tools on tracking these reactions to treatments, and releasing them so that integration on a new level is possible for the client. Please read our terms of use before using these treatments, courses, and Peter Mandel products. This website is intended for educational purposes only and not as medical advice. If you are sick you should see your doctor.

Colorpoint Institute has combined the Colorpuncture treatments and the Esogetics from Peter Mandel with meditation. In the Courses the meditation techniques taught strengthen and deepen the effects of the treatments, and provide a way for the recipient to understand the link between their mental and emotional states and health. The combination acts on the body to increase chi and promote health, while also relaxing the mind, and healing the mind/body.

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