Acupuncture without needles

Are you attracted to trying alternative health methods like Acupuncture – but don’t like needles? You are not alone.

Check out Colorpuncture

Colorpuncture treatments use light with pure color on the acupuncture points and meridians of the skin. The treatments work on the level of physical issues but are also capable of indicating if there are emotional issues involved in themes addressed. 

The light treatment itself involves the application of colored light to the skin with an instrument that resembles a simple pen light. Unlike acupuncture, it does not use needles or pierce the skin. Rather the color actually enters the body and mind via the meridians where it travels to where it is needed.

kirlian photo

Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography is an important method of diagnosis, in order to find what colorpuncture treatment is needed in the session. It painlessly produces a black & white photo of the energy running through the meridians in the body, connecting the organs. It becomes possible to “read” this energetic photo, to see if there are blocks in the merdians, and support the movement of healing energy with the color and light. There is more in depth detail about this method here on this website.

Individual Colorpuncture Sessions

Individual sessions in Light Channels include:

  • Kirlian Diagnostic photo and check photo
  • Intake including recent medical history and diet recommendations
  • Individual Colorpuncture treatment
  • In case of musculo-skeletal issues, back pain, joint pain, or Ishias (Sciatica); massage with olive/peppermint oil

What you get from a session

Jamie has long experience treating the following with Colorpuncture. Pain relief to at least 50% in the first session is the norm, and often pain is reduced 80-90%. Expertise is available for the following conditions:

  • Back pain, joint pain, sprained ankles
  • Skin problems
  • Arthritus
  • Bronchitis, respiratory
  • Parkinsons Disease (symptomatic relief)
  • Lymph drainage
  • Detox, Immune System
  • Hormonal balancing

transmitter relays

Transmitter Relays

The Transmitters have largely been outdated. They are designed to release trauma around specific issues like past lives, the time in the womb, the birth trauma, and early life traumas. The points that are treated with the light are calling on specific memories in the body/mind to become acute, and then released.

Modern trauma work like the SE work from Peter Levine focuses more on the energetic phenomenon of trauma, where and how it is stored in the body, and how it can be released without going into the specific stories and memories associated with it. This is more the approach of the Light Channels sessions. However, if people are attracted to going into specifics, the Transmitters are available.

The Transmitter Relays are combined with Osho Active Meditations and the Past Life and Seven Bodies hypnosis sessions. This combination is a powerful release from the past which has formed our “prison” of the personality and identity. It can, and often does provide a new start in life. Jamie works with people to realize this freedom from personality and the joy of spontaneously living in the truth of the present.

The Transmitters consists of 5 Kirlian photographs and 12 two-hour sessions over a period of 6 weeks. The Transmitter color treatments consist of 4 Transmitter circles on the head.

An interview is needed to book the Transmitters series.


Here are the prices for individual Colorpuncture sessions, singly or as a series.

• Individual Colorpuncture 1st session (2 hours) €140
• Follow up sessions (1 hr) €70

The first single Colorpuncture session lasts 2 hours includes two Kirlian photos, a USB stick with the active meditation Kundalini from Osho. The Colorpuncture sessions focus on physical issues and may include massage if needed. Follow up Colorpuncture sessions include 2 Kirlian photos and the treatment, and may included massage if needed for pain relief.

• Transmitter Relays €1,800

Transmitters series is: 5 Kirlian photographs, 12 two-hour sessions over a period of 6 weeks.
Payment for the series is in advance.


Payment can be made either by bank Überweisung (Bank transfer), or

An email invoice can be sent with the link to payment through Paypal, easy, secure, fast.

Travel Information

• Stellshagen

Transmitter Relays sessions are usually available in Stellshagen, the village hosting Gutshaus Stellshagen 1 1/2 hours by car east of Hamburg, Germany. Contact me about timings. [ map ] Accommodation can be had in Gutshaus Stellshagen, or call me and I can see if there is accommodation in a vacation apartment (Ferienwohnung) in the area. The Transmitters go over a 6 week period, 2 sessions per week. By train: Book your ticket to the Grevesmühlen station. Arrange with me beforehand a pickup from there to Stellshagen, it’s 10 minutes by car. By car: [map below] The approach by Autobahn (main highway) is the A20, take the Grevesmühlen exit, and follow signs to Boltenhagen. You will pass through the village of Damshagen, and there on the left is the sign to Gutshaus Stellshagen. Further directions will depend on your accommodation booking. Here’s the map for directions. At this time Transmitters are only available in Stellshagen, or half Stellshagen, half Hamburg.

Booking a Colorpuncture Session

Phone: +49 157 817 29030

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