Kirlian Photos

In this kirlian photo sample you can see several places where the lack of the emission of light from the fingers is indicating a possible blockage in the hormonal system. Read more »

Each individual Light Channels session and  the 5-Day Retreat includes Jamie’s expertise in Kirlian Photography Analysis.
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The Kirlian photography is used to monitor energetically which meridians are blocked if any, which organ function circles have active issues, laterality balance, hormonal balance, the lymphatic system. The Light Channels treatments then help to balance, relax, and support on the physical level, and clear on the emotional level. 

Kirlian Photography works by recording the light emission of the body onto photopaper producing a black and white image of the emitted light, where the type of energy and relative flow in the meridians can be “read.” Jamie has trained with Peter Mandel, the creator of the Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis (EEA) for 5 years, and was certified as a Kirlian EEA teacher. He also was co-trainer in the Transmitter Relays Training in Pune, India where all of Mandel’s methods were done in coordination with Osho’s active meditations. He brings this expertise to the Light Channels work.

Semyon KirlianSemjon Kirlian, a Soviet scientist, invented in 1939 a method in which the bioenergetic emission of organic matter, in this case, the hands and feet can be made visible and photographed in a harmless high-frequency field.

Using the traditional Chinese system of energy pathways called meridians) as well as the findings of the electro-acupuncturist  Dr. Voll, Peter Mandel established an organ topography – or map –  for the Kirlian photos, where direct information about weakened parts of the organ system can be gained by reading the energetic phenomena appearing in the photographs. 

In the individual sessions and the 5-Day Retreat, the Kirlian photography is used to monitor the participant’s bodily conditions and emotional outlook.

The spiritual teacher Osho was interested in the Kirlian’s work, and he said this about it:

“Kirlian photography is very predictive. It shows, at least six months ahead, what is going to happen… And the aura without any photo-graphic technology has been recognized by yoga for five thousand years. But now, it can be accepted on scientific grounds.”

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