Ecstasy, the Forgotten Language


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Copyright March 1978, Rajneesh Foundation, Poona, India.  Used, good condition, some damage to book cover, see photos.

1. Now or Never
2. Sannyas: the Radical Revolution
3. Natural, Spontaneous, Aware
4. The Way of Religion
5. There Are no Words to Tell
6. Trust Your Nature
7. Enter into Your Own Body
8. The Irrational Rationalist
9. Dance Today With Joy
10 The Choice is Yours

Here I go again I will sing the same old song. But yet it is not the same old song: it cannot be. Manu says there is nothing new under the sun. And he is right. And Heraclitus says you cannot step in the same river twice. And he’s right too. Existence is old and new, both together, and my song is that of existence itself.


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