The Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty


Discourses by Osho Rajneesh on the spiritual master Kabir, and the need for a new man on the earth today.


Talks on Kabir.

“The fish in the sea is not thirsty – but man is. Man lives in existence, and is absolutely unaware of it. Man is born in existence, breathes in existence, and one day will dissolve…”

“A new man is needed who will affirm life, who will love life, who will love love, who will love this existence as it is …who will not make demands that first it has to be perfect, who will celebrate life with all it’s limitations. And that new man is my sannyasin. You are already in God. It is not a question of being in God: you are already there. Just as the fish in the ocean, you are in God.”

Published 1980 by Rajneesh Foundation.

Condition: Used, in good condition. Some wear noticeable, pages have yellowed somewhat.


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