Wisdom of the Sands, Vol. 2


Collector’s Book: The original Mojud Story

Contains: the original Mojud story!
Mojud, the Man with the Inexplicable Life is the Sufi story close to the hearts of many seekers because it is the story of every seeker’s life, the story of waking up. It is not about studying, it is not about collecting knowledge, it is not about becoming successful – even as a seeker! It is about jumping into the river of life and going with it, following that inner voice – the Sufi’s name it KIDR – wherever it goes in trust and love. The story begins so:

There was once a man named Mojud. He lived in a town where he had obtained a post as a small official, and it seemed likely that he would end his days as Inspector of weights and measures.

One day when he was walking through the gardens of an ancient building near his home, Khidr, the mysterious guide of the Sufis, appeared to him, dressed in shimmering green. Khidr said, “man of bright prospects! Leave your work and meet me at the riverside in three days’ time.” then he disappeared.

Mojud went to his superior in trepidation and said that he had to leave. Everyone in the town soon heard of this and they said, “poor Mojud! He has gone mad.” but, as there were many candidates for his job, they soon forgot him.

On the appointed day, Mojud met Khidr, who said to him, “Tear your clothes and throw yourself into the stream. Perhaps someone will save you.”

Mojud did so, even though he wondered if he were mad.

Since he could swim, he did not drown, but drifted a long way before a fisherman hauled him into his boat, saying, “foolish man! The current is strong. What are you trying to do?” Mojud said, “I don’t really know.”

“You are mad,” said the fisherman, “but I will take you into my reed-hut by the river yonder, and we shall see what can be done for you.”

Mojud did so, even though he wondered if he were mad. Each seeker must wonder about himself, leaving society, making the inner journey, taking the path less traveled, as Robert Frost said. This book is as entertaining as it is touching and is a must reader for every seeker on the path. Osho’s commentary, as usual, makes it a road map for awakening.

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Osho Intl; 1ST edition (June 1, 1980)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 088050675X

Used, in good condition. Some yellowing of the pages is there. The hardcover edition lists for $83 on Amazon. See also Wisdom of the Sands, Vol. 1.


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