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Individual Light Channels Sessions

The Light Channels work addresses physical and energetic blocks preventing us from relaxing into who we are, and expressing who we are. It combines light treatments from Jamie and presents spiritual truths about how human beings manifest themselves, from the spiritual teachers Osho and Mingyur Rinpoche (Buddhist teacher of meditation). Individual sessions in Light Channels include:

  • Kirlian Diagnostic photo and check photo
  • Intake including recent medical history and diet recommendations
  • Individual Color/light Light Channel treatment
  • Life Key spiritual discourses in mp3 audio on USB stick
  • Osho Active Meditation discovery, mp3 on USB
  • In case of musculo-skeletal issues, back pain, joint pain, or Ishias (Sciatica); massage with olive/peppermint oil

Life Keys

Also included is one of the following four Life Keys. These help to decide exactly where to enter the Light Channels process:

  • Trust in Life
  • Balance between love and meditation
  • Letting go into non-doing
  • Accessing our inner guide

The Light Channels sessions are organized according to the following levels of consciousness as spoken about by Osho:

Treatment #1 : Trusting our instincts, freedom vs. fear. Belongs to Kidney/Bladder Function Circle.
Treatment #2 : Inner sight, understanding, Insight. Belongs to Liver/Gall Bladder Fuction Circle.
Treatment #3 : Wu wei, doing/non-doing, opening to Spirit. Belongs to Lung/Large Intestines Function Circle.
Treatment #4 : Disidentification, understanding opposites, seeing the continuum. Belongs to Stomach/Spleen Function Circle.


During the session there is a short consultation on diet. If needed a check up on allergic conditions and heavy metal toxicity can be arranged with Heilpraktiker Dagmar Hemsdorf, who specializes in this diagnostic. Dagmar trained with Haridas, a well known Heilpraktiker in Berlin and Corfu, Greece in the MORA method of diagnosis. That is an additional process not included in the price of the session.

A discovery process will be included with the client to determine which meditations will be the best to accompany the treatment.

The Light Channels Series of 7 sessions covers the entire spectrum of Light Channels treatments along with the Life Keys teachings and active meditations. They can be done at a pace of one treatment every three days, so the entire series of 7 treatments will take 21 days to complete. The issues in this series include:

  • Showing us where we are addicted to stress
  • Balancing laterality
  • Opening stuck sexual energy
  • Showing the gate to trusting ourselves, our instincts
  • Relaxing the spine
  • Relieving Ischias (Sciatic) pain
  • Coming out of limitations of the mental body and opening to the harmony of the Spirit
  • Clears, concentrates the energy of the eyes, from the eye to the optic nerve, to the Thalamus gland
  • Addresses physical ear problems like Tinnitus, ear ache, dizziness, sinus problems affecting the ears
  • Setting the spin of the cells right to begin moving towards accord with Spirit
  • Shows us where inside we resource TRUST. When Trust is there we start living thru non-doing
  • bringing the different systems, lymphatic, hormonal, immune to a resting place
  • Seeing clearly where we’re vulnerable to the onslaught of the Super-ego
  • Learning patience
  • Understanding opposites, understanding continuum
  • Strengthening the Watcher, the essence of meditation
  • Supporting the download of new information and intuitive knowing into our earthed material body


Here are the prices for individual Light Channels sessions, singly or as a series. This is separate from the 5-Day Retreat.

Individual Light Channels 1st session (2 hours) €165
Follow up sessions (1.5 hrs) €125

Light Channels Series (7 sessions@ €125)  = €875

Shamanic Trance Quest with Light Channels: seeking direction (2 hours) €150

The first single Light Channels session lasts 2 hours includes two Kirlian photos, a USB stick with the Life Keys discourses from Osho, as well as the active meditations discovered for the individual, picked from: Prayer meditation, Dynamic and Kundalini meditations, Vipassana, and Nadabrahma meditation. The Light Channels sessions can focus on physical issues or spiritual issues and may include massage for pain relief if needed.

Interview for series of 7 is part of the booking process.


Payment can be made either by bank Überweisung (Bank transfer), or

An email invoice can be sent with the link to payment through Paypal, easy, secure, fast.


Call now for info or booking, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the process, the sessions, and the Retreat. Or use the contact page for email or call-back.

Travel Information

• Stellshagen

Sessions are usually available in Stellshagen, the village hosting Gutshaus Stellshagen 1 1/2 hours by car east of Hamburg, Germany. Contact me about timings. [ map ] Accommodation can be had in Gutshaus Stellshagen, or call me and I can see if there is accommodation in a vacation apartment (Ferienwohnung) in the area.

By train: Book your ticket to the Grevesmühlen station. Arrange with me beforehand a pickup from there to Stellshagen, it’s 10 minutes by car.

By car: [map below] The approach by Autobahn (main highway) is the A20, take the Grevesmühlen exit, and follow signs to Boltenhagen. You will pass through the village of Damshagen, and there on the left is the sign to Gutshaus Stellshagen. Further directions will depend on your accommodation booking. Here’s the map for directions.