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On OFFER: You receive the new Light Channels Treatments book, and as a FREE GIFT also receive the Colorpoint Institute Colorpuncture Levels 1 & 2 workbooks. The Light Channels treatments are a whole new process for meditation and healing both physical and spiritual. The treatments are designed to help heal and navigate the chaotic times we are in now. The healing of course starts with each individual – you. The Light Channels Course book is designed for both private use and for use in the therapeutic/medical practice. They can be used for physical issues, both acute and chronic, as well as a powerful aid in meditation and spiritual growth. Diagrams and instructions on how to use the treatments are detailed but do not need a medical background. The Light Channels process supercedes the Colorpoint Institute Colorpuncture Courses as the latest home learning method from Jamie St Clair.

They use light with pure color on the acupuncture points and meridians of the skin. See more on the light channels here. All treatments have been done and checked with the Kirlian Photography Energy Emission method developed by Peter Mandel, and are excellent in balancing the energy, and freeing blockages. They are designed to mix with specific meditations and teachings called Life Keys to to create a channel of understanding to health, freedom, and creativity. They are created by Jamie St Clair, color and light therapist, researcher, and meditation teacher since 1990. Jamie trained for five years with Peter Mandel, founder of Colorpuncture in the 1990s, and worked full time with Kirlian photography and Colorpuncture, with sessions and trainings of his own.

Further details on the Light Channels Course are contained below in the +Course Contents and +Indications sections below.
And in the Introduction to the work.
Details on the Colorpuncture Course workbooks »

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In English. Workbook: 42 pages, 70 illustrations/diagrams, 7 in depth treatments relating to the Chinese Function Circles organ groupings and life lessons, with associated active meditations and release methods. Can be used for physical, or emotional, spiritual issues.

Shipping by UPS only, it is reasonably priced and 100% reliable with tracking. The shipping price will vary on your location. When you’re ready to purchase the course workbooks you can send your name and email, and postal address via the order form below. You will receive a no obligation invoice by email which will contain your exact shipping price calculated on your location.
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  • For Practitioners: How to Use These Treatments Page 7
  • Treatments:
    Light Channel #1: Hearing Spirit Without the Noise Page 13
    #1 associated Function Circle: Kidney/Bladder
  • Light Channel #2: Acceptance Boost Page 15
    #2 associated Function Circle: Liver/Gall bladder
  • Light Channel #3, Part 1: Shoulders, Arms, Hands- Doing/Non-Doing Page 17
  • Light Channel #3, Part 2: Shoulders, Arms, Hands: Page 24
    #3 associated Function Circle: Lung/Large Intestine
  • Light Channel #4, Part 1:
    Freedom from the Monkey – Harmonizing the Lessons Page 25
    #4 associated Function Circle: Stomach/Spleen
  • Light Channel #4, Part 2: Degenerative disease such as Parkinsons, Cancer, severe arthritis
  • Tx. #5: Eyes, L/Gall Bl, Glaucoma drainage
  • Tx. #6: Head lymph drainage, Facial nerve treatment, Head trauma
  • Recommended Meditations Page 32

Please note treatments are continuing to be added. By Spring 2021 we expect another three treatments in the Course. For students purchasing the Course before that, the new treatments will be sent as PDF via email upon request with no extra charge.

Physical indications:

Tx 1: Balancing treatment, acts as coordination treatment. Brings the recipient back to the center line, grounds the body systems, endocrine and lymphatic. Associated with Kidney/Bladder Function Circle. Can be done twice per week ongoing.

Tx 2: Focuses body chi (energy) on the eyes, on seeing, both inner and outer, but also on the physical eyes. Can be combined with the Eye treatment. Can be done three times within the month.

Tx 3: Lung/Large Intestines FC. Good for people who are burdened, who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Good for pain in the arms, shoulders, wrists, hands, any musculo-skeletal issues.

Tx 4: part 1: Good for all symptoms including joint pain in the lower back, feet, legs, including sciatic pain. Good to combine with lower back and hip massage.

Mental, emotional, spiritual:

Tx 1: Brings clarity to thinking and mental activities, and emotional presence. Contact with emotions without hysterical or overly intense reactions.

Tx 2: Brings the energy to expression, first “seeing” the emotions/thoughts, then understanding what is blocking them. In this understanding the blocks dissolve. Insight, or ‘inner sight’.

Tx 3: Brings one in contact with the adult trust, that which understands that trust is not only for when everything is going well. It functions also when things are not going well, when things may be falling apart. This understanding creates a relaxation which enables seeing how life is supporting in every way, how life is actually abundant. Celebrating this abundance is the effect of this treatment, and seeing how things happen, how life provides with NO effort. Hence the understanding of doing through non doing or ‘wu wei.’

Addresses the feeling, “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done,” or “My work is never ending,” or “No one appreciates what I do.”

Tx 4: For the final understanding of what paradox is, what understanding opposites means. Life/death, up/down, pain/pleasure, win/lose, love/hate. And so on, we experience the world as duality, one side is attractive, the other side we reject. This treatment bridges that duality, opens to the understanding we are in a continuum, all things are connected. Awareness is that bridge.


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On offer:

Light Channels and ColorpunctureWhen you purchase the Light Channels home learning Course you also receive FREE the Colorpoint Institute Colorpuncture Courses, Level 1 and Level 2 (two course workbooks of colorpuncture). The Colorpuncture Courses are well written and illustrated, and they also come with a DVD tutorial on how to use the lightset and workbooks.
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Meditation, Health, Consciousness

In my own journey with my health and well-being I became trained over years in the art of using painful situations, problems, blockages in the body as a context for learning about my choices in life and how my life is unfolding. With the integration of that understanding, my physical health always recovered.

Long story short, the point is not to become spiritual, the point is to become authentic. Spirituality then takes care of itself.

~ Jamie St Clair

Evolution of Body, Mind, Spirit

We are living in a time where the very organization of the human body mind spirit is evolving and changing. The chaos in the social/political world everywhere around us is a reflection of the rumblings of the earthquake like change of consciousness in the outside world. Now is a moment of peak stress, peak angst, peak chaos. And it is a moment of peak opportunity. The old is still in place and the new has not arrived yet. But it’s arriving, it’s in process, hence the chaos.

in love with the worldThe new Light Channels work in this booklet is a series of color and light treatments combined with a series of specific meditations which have come into being to help this transition taking place on the planet now. There is a wonderful, funny, wise Tibetan teacher named Mingyur Rinpoche, who wrote a book called “In Love with the World” in which he talks about “adding wood to the fire” of the spiritual search for higher consciousness. The meaning of the phrase is to turn the heat up in one’s own inner search, to turn up the intensity in one’s own work on oneself. Recently I went into silent retreat with several questions about how to carry on my work with people and an overarching question about how to meaningfully contribute to the struggle that is going on in the world to make sense of the current shift in consciousness. I went into the silence of my own being as deeply as possible for me in this stage of my development, and in that stillness the Light Channels work has been birthed.

The Light Channels work is in the form of color and light treatments that address sometimes physical issues, but more often focus on development of consciousness. The physical issues tend to come right in the process. They are designed to create a channel of understanding from Spirit to our conscious mind. The treatments go together with a collection of meditations created by the enlightened master Osho. It is also shaped by a series of his public discourses he made in the 1970’s called Philosophia Perennis about the mystic Pythagoras and little known aspects of his life and teachings.

colorpuncture light setMy background for the color and light aspect of this work is my experience since 1990 as a therapist working with the color and light treatments created by the German Health Practitioner and Chinese Doctor Peter Mandel. The thoroughness of his research impressed me, so I went into the work and used it on the path of my own spiritual development. I became certified as a teacher in his diagnostic and treatment system with Kirlian Photography based on the acupuncture system. His research into the influence on the body and mind using colors on specific zones and points not only goes deeply into wholistic health for the body, but is sometimes touching the borders of the spiritual search.

What became clear for me in my retreat is that I need to create a new body of work and a new approach because touching the borders of the spiritual is not enough now. What’s needed is finding a way for myself to ground myself in silence, how to find the eye of the hurricane inside, the center of my own consciousness which never changes. The treatments I have created are supporting that inner work in combination with meditation, not to go to the edge of my consciousness and get a glimpse, but to immerse myself in myself, in silence, in emptiness. That silence and emptiness is the medicine that is making me whole as an individual. And what is making me whole is healing the planet.

The part represents the whole,

as the quote from the Upanishads on the first page says. If I find the deepest healing within myself, I am healing the collective on the planet, and that experience is the answer to the question of how the shift in consciousness can happen now. It’s nothing to do with what happens in the outside world, whether it be peaceful or chaotic. It has to do with my state of consciousness on the inside. And these words are not just poetic words, “The part represents the whole,” – they are not there to inspire. They are the literal truth.

The Light Channels work adds wood to that fire.

Light Channels “Look Inside” Gallery

Light Channels FAQ.

What can these treatments be used for?

Please note: The information on this website is not meant to diagnose or treat illness, if you are sick  you should see your doctor or medical professional.

Treatment #1 Indications are:

Belongs to Kidney/Bladder Function circle.
• Muskolo-skeletal pain, siffness. In particular around the back, lower back, and leg joints – hips, knees, ankles.
• Arthritis.
• Low energy, Chronic Fatigue.
• Neck pain, headaches, Migraine.
• Sciatic Pain (90% reduction in pain when done with massage in the painful area)
• Trauma and trauma symptomatic relief. Calms the nervous system.
• Detox issues, partiularly inflammation in joints.
Related Emotion : inherited life energy rests in this
Function Circle. Emotion: fear, will power. Acceptance.

Combination Treatments:

• Parkinson’s Disease: Can be combined with the
Red Ellipse (see Colorpuncture Ellipses Course)
• Combine with lymph crosses for intense lymph drainage, relief of pressure in the head.
• Support for all Kidney/Bladder issues.
Related Body area : kidney, bladder, urogenital tract, ovaries, uterus, testes, prostate, ears, frontal sinus, foot, foot joints, knee, bones, teeth.

Spiritual Indications Tx. #1

• Showing us where we are addicted to stress
• Balancing laterality
• Streaming life energy upwards. Can be experienced
as sexual energy, but not necessarily
• Showing the gate to trusting ourselves, our instincts
• Relaxing the spine
• Draws Earth energy up for support. In particular for
relief from “I have to do it all, it’s all up to me” which
lives in the shoulder/neck connection.
• Associated with Kidney/Bladder Function Circle
• Introduces the expansion of freedom

What can Tx. #2 be used for?

• Belongs to Liver Function circle.
• Addresses physical ear problems like

  • Tinnitus
  • ear ache
  • dizziness
  • sinus problems affecting the ears

• It is having a physical effect for any conditions in the ears.
• Clears, concentrates the energy of the eyes, from the eye to the optic nerve, to the Thalamus gland
• Helpful for Glaucoma. Must ONLY be done in conjuntion with medical treatment and regular pressure checks.

Combination Treatments:

• Can be done in combination with LC Treatment #1 for intense lymph drainage in head, and calming eye strain.
• Combine with Lifestream Ellipses (See Ellipses Course) for powerful balancing systems treatment, and laterality balance.
• Combine with Endocrine Tx. (See Colorpuncture Course Level 1) powerful e for Endocrine balancing.

Spiritual/Energetic Indications:

• For clarity of Inner seeing
• Strengthening meditation and INSIGHT, the process of self understanding.
• Relief of headache due to confusion, stress.
• Lymph drainage for the ears.
• Centering in times of confusion, stress.

Physical Indications for Tx. #3

Belongs to LUNGS/LARGE INTESTINES Function Circle. Use this treatment for:
General muscle, fascia Inflammation.
• Shoulder pain.
• Neck pain.
• Inflammation of the fascia in Trapezias area.
• Exhaustion / Burn out.
• Wrist / hand / lower arm pain, sore muscles.
• Repetitive Movement Syndrome.
• Inflammation of the fascia in forearm.

Spiritual Indications:

• Loosening the hold of the mental body on the Spirit
• Understanding that as we say YES to the unknown,
TRUST arises
• Setting the spin of the cells in accord with Spirit
• Helps understand Trust is the key to non-doing.
• Recognizing Creativity comes through non-doing.
• Sensing/ Identifying non-doing, wu-wei, in the body.
• Physically coming to the center, to the midline, coming
to a resting place.
• Associated with Lung/Large Intestine Function Circle